Booking A Consultation

Thank you for considering booking a consultation with ARMEES. Consultations can be requested over Skype, Phone or In-Person:
  • For Skype consultation email to (simply inform us the most suitable day and time )
  • By Requesting A FREE Callback – click here to choose your desired date and time
  • Over the phone at 1300 276 337
Before confirming a consultation time, we believe a brief discussion is valuable  During this call, we will ask fundamental questions to see if we can assist you quickly over the phone, and if this is not possible, to then confirm with you a convenient consultation date/time

What to expect at Consultation

You will be met by one of our senior migration legal advisors who will give you the opportunity to set out your goals from the consultation and ask you to provide information and documentation that you think is relevant and important to your matter. You will be asked relevant questions relating to, for example, your time in Australia, your migration history, future goals. Your advisor will then clearly explain all available options to your for achieving your Australians immigration goals including any challenges or obstacles you face in achieving them and how these may be overcome. At the end of the consultation we expect that you will clearly understand the appropriate pathway forward, potential time frames applying and costs associated with any option chosen by you. If you then wish ARMEES to act for you / assist you moving forward, terms will be discussed and agreed and a Retainer and Costs Disclosure Agreement will prepared to commence the application / appeal process. We believe the role of the consultation is to give you information to empower you by to make the right choice and are happy to take further questions, or provide further information, after the consultation to ensure we have achieved this goal. You will also be given the MARA Consumer Guide which gives you information on the regulation of Australian migration agents and their relationships with migration clients So call on of our advisors now on 1300 276 337, or Request a Call Back by clicking here, for a no-obligation preliminary telephone discussion/assessment to allow us to understand your issues and goals and advise  how we believe we can help. We can then also fix a convenient consultation time if you would like to come in for further advice and assistance.