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Who We Are

ARMEES is one of the leading and innovative immigration, education and employment consulting firm. ARMEES has strong and robust global partnerships with foremost leading Law firms, Education sectors and Employment agencies.

We use the most advanced and cutting edge disruptive digital technologies in the industry to deliver the best practice service to our global clients. We often act as catalyst to resolve the most complex and difficult cases in the immigration industry.

ARMEES are the foremost enablers for leading corporate sectors in improving their performance and competitive positioning across the global market.

What We Do

ARMEES Immigration team are well equipped with immigration rules and policies which are subject to constant change. Hence it’s essential we get your visa application right first time. It might be a subtle change in the forms to be submitted, the evidence to be provided or the procedure to follow. Whatever the reason, as an applicant, it’s extremely unlikely you will be aware of those changes - something which is certain to prove costly in terms of both money and wasted time. This is where our expertise can help. By offering accurate and competent immigration advice, we can help you to identify any weaknesses in your application, answer your questions and assess your case. We have a range of services designed to help and ensure that your application is submitted error-free.

ARMEES Education team are highly proficient in education and career counselling we provide personalized counseling to each and every international student who wishes to study abroad. Our recommendations take into account your career goals, financial limits and requirements too. We provide you with the latest market information and help you make the right choice of course to study at a university abroad which will later help you achieve your career objectives.

ARMEES Employment team offers integrated recruitment, immigration compliance and settlement solutions to Australian corporate and business employers. We help fill the skill gap shortages across all industries.

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What We Offer

  • Migration

    There are more than 100 different types of Australian visas which can be confusing at first glance and complex to apply for we are here to help you navigate these complexities. Our Migration team offers tailored solutions to all corporate and individual clients.

  • Education

    Our proficient counselors provide personalized counseling to each and every student who wishes to study abroad.

  • Employement

    ARMEES offers integrated recruitment, immigration and settlement solutions to connect Australian employers with skilled overseas staff.

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Our Team

We are a dynamic and highly trained experienced individuals who had formerly worked across various industries in Fortune 500 , Australian Government and International Organisations. Our experienced team provides you with quality Migration, Education and Employment advice by combining research with effective use of cutting edge technology tools. We are developing a practice in which client care is paramount, and expectations exceeded by supplying professional, accurate, and practical legal advice.

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